Depending on the agreements made between the countries, Turkish citizens or foreign nationals have the right to use their driver’s licenses obtained from another country in Turkey. However, foreign driver’s licenses have a certain time period for validity in Turkey. At the end of this period, it is mandatory to obtain a Turkish driver’s license for people who want to continue to drive in Turkey.

Driver’s licenses obtained from different countries are valid in Turkey for up to 6 months. Foreign drivers can drive vehicles in Turkey with their foreign license for a maximum of 6 months from the moment of entry into Turkey. People who wish to use their driving license after 6 months, can keep using their driving license for another 6 months by having the sworn translation of the license approved by foreign representatives or notaries. Any expat or foreigner who has spent one year or will live permanently in Turkey has to obtain a Turkish driver’s license within 1 year. Otherwise, driving is prohibited due to a lack of a valid driver’s license. In order to get your Turkish driver’s license, you can now contact Ozdamla Kartal driving school by phone, WhatsApp, email, or in-person visit at